An Inspirational Nightmare 

The clock is ticking.Many questions are yet to be answered. I am running out of sheets. The examiner is hurrying up. The exasperation breaks the nib of my pen. Boom! Back to Room! 

The clock is ticking. Much of my luggage still lies unpacked. My parents are checking their watches again. The word ‘Hurry-up’ is suspended in the air. I start running but the bell rings and the bus leaves its stop. Boom! Back to Room!

The clock is ticking. I am surrounded by commotion. It’s a platform. Where is my ticket ? I check my bag. Oh! My God! The wheels are moving. The Train has given its whistle. Man! This crowd won’t let me get to my coach. I am moving faster. The Train has left the platform. Boom! Back to Room!
These are few of those nightmares that have kept on iterating since my childhood. These have haunted me since i was 10. These nightmares always disturbed me. I was compelled to contemplate on my failures and other people’s success.

And one day, a friend of mine interpreted my nightmares (He used a book!) and told me that these dreams symbolize a simple thing – My anxiousness to achieve something and the hidden fear that I may lose the task. Dreams are the languages, our soul speaks and so are nightmares!

The jolt of the same nightmare was felt in a boom and i was back to room. I could feel it’s morning, so i smiled. A few snapshots of the nightmare flew across my mind, and I smiled harder. And then I started grinning on a sudden realization of my iterative nightmares.
Stability is a witch, Complacency is a bitch. They lure you towards a den of monotony, a field of no activity, a land of silence & of no questions and towards a life with no heart beats. These ghosts of Stability & complacency prevent us from embarking upon new quests in life. And those who get haunted by these ghosts are deprived of better things in life because ultimately they settle for mediocrity.

And i am not one of those ‘happy to be a king’.Because I know I can be god! And neither you are happy as a king! Are you?

Time has wings. A quarter of my life has been wasted pondering upon my failures. Why dont i just move on and spend the rest of my life appreciating my efforts and my struggles to overcome complacency in my quest to become better.
My nightmares expressed my desires to evade the no – activity zone, to keep on trying to achieve better things in life. There is so much to learn, so much to win and so much to love & so much to give in life.
Think again! Do you really want just this vanilla pastry or want to explore the whole delicious world of pastries. 

Let the nightmares come. Let them show us that the clock is ticking.Let them speak of times when we failed and when we tried. Let them scare us of the failures & the consequences and Let them tell us tales of our efforts. Let them make you feel you cannot do this. And believe me when something tells you , that “you can not do this”, You are actually trying to do that and you already know the results !

Be brave little – heart!

 Let your soul defeat your nightmares!!