The TVD Impact 

Dear Diary

Today was different. But it was something destined to happen. And even though it is one of the hardest things to take , I am taking it pretty bravely.

It’s 1 O’clock in the night, with lights off, I am sitting on my bed with my hands wrapped around my legs, screaming silently. Damn! it’s over. I won’t see them again.

Those were the days when we used to exchange whatever we had in our computer systems. And that’s how I stumbled upon it. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Mere half a season of videos was all I got. A brand new world of vampires. It was an imaginary world, I took refuge in.

I remember I had that chhotu Samsung mobile those days having screen size less than 2 inches. The bug ‘ to know more about the imaginary world I had taken refuge in ‘ had bitten me. So, google was thoroughly searched, everything on Wikipedia, tumblr, facebook, instagram and few hundred other websites was sincerely digested. This quest unlocked gates of another imaginary world- the world of books titled The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith. Always hungry for books, I took one after the other and in a span of 1 month I finished 9 books of the series. What an astonishing world it was! Damon , Stefan, Elena, Enzo and others were my heroes now. When I was dead inside, they inspired me to live.

And then there was music, that I savoured. From Bon Jovi to Ed Sheeran, from Jason Walker to Birdy and then there was Nirvana and Katy Perry too. It’s 2017 and my playlist still consists of all those songs whose strings are attached to a particular emotion of moving on, finding a new life, giving up, letting go, bidding goodbyes , celebrating love and friendship.

But the flood of emotions I am swimming in right now is warm, perhaps with my tears. Because in the long run, we may forget being grateful to the trivial things that happen in our lives but guys! these are the things that make a diference.

You ever wonder how you started solving all your problems with just a sarcastic grin like Damon did?

You ever wonder how you moved on even after the most bitter break up and again found love like Stefan always had?

You ever wonder how only good things happen to you even after a storm of things because like Elena you always believed in the good.

 Bonnie taught you to sacrifice for the sake of love and friendship, Enzo made you keep believing in love, Caroline transformed you into the most optimistic fellow in your little world , Matt taught you to take responsibility and act responsibly and million other imaginary people  asking you to be a good girl or a good boy for the sake of a better world.

Wiping off my tears, I am smiling. The lessons taught by them are imbibed in my soul.

Thank you TVD

You made my life wonderful!