Love And The Skipping Rope


A Gift or A lesson!

Picture Credit : Smita’s Craft Hut

Dear Arthur

Life is awesome here. I hope wherever you are , you are spreading whatever you have there too. Hopefully the positivity and not your illogical attitude towards Life! I know I haven’t written to you in months but today when I was scrolling through the pages of my digital diary , I found this and I was compelled to write to you. It was My last year’s Secret Letter to Santa on Christmas.

Here with this mail i am attaching that letter. Hey! I know you don’t feel even tad guilt for whatever happened, so please don’t even try to throw tantrums that I am trying to make you feel bad. I am writing this letter with an intention to make you feel even worse ( not just bad ).

The disappeared scars were fresh back then when I was writing this letter, I remember . I had thought you were a gift but No! You were a lesson. I always knew Life had better plans for me. Just wanted to say thanks. Thank You Arthur ! for you were the one because of whom I learnt what betrayal is. You were full package of betrayal in yourself. So, it kinda saved a lot of my precious time. Now I don’t need to know the different kinds of betrayals from different persons. You betrayed me in millions of ways. 

But I have always loved surprises, and so all was welcome, even a dagger in disguise of love. And I have learnt by heart whatever was taught to me from last Christmas season to this. 

You know Arthur! Sun still rises in the east and sets in the west , I am still awed by nature , Music still soothes me , I still believe in Love and I still smile.Because I have got a Life , I choose what to do with it. I chose you to be a lesson and now I dump you in the dustbin. You do deserve a better place but believe me you do not deserve a Bliss. And my life is heaven in itself ! So you are not welcome.

Eternally Mine