Rape and The System of Education in India

How to begin an article about a girl raped and killed and what do you think we should discuss?

No! I did not got to the candle march, neither did I watch some random politician make nerdish comments about the tragic event and everyone trolling him on the social media. Oh! Does that make me insensitive? What the hell? Where the hell are your senses, Man? You are making the rape a communal topic. You are protesting once again. You do remember Nirbhaya and Twinkle and many others for whom you lit candles and prayed in silence. And what difference did it make? You know where your senses lie? In the abyss of the so called education system in the country. Yeah! damn low! And that is something we should seriously talk about.

Okay! Getting back to the politician (plenty of likewise have done likewise, nothing new!), how old do you think he is or what is his educational background? You cannot guess. The politician blabbering could have graduated from BHU or IIT or he could be totally illiterate and so does the rapist. Who the hell said that only people who did not go to school rape? You are mistaken.

Nobody’s parents or teachers teach him to rape.But yes! they do forget to teach him to respect the privacy of other people and control their desires. Yes! they do forget to tell their children that all the things they say or do in a typical Bollywood movie are crap and are not to be practiced when they grow up. I just wonder how casual yet derogatory remarks like “6 दिन, लड़की in” (Kal ho na ho, Shahrukh Khan) gets a nod from censor board. They have been assigned the task to censor things from movies that can mark wrong imprint on the society. They fail. They fail every single time. All they censor is creativity, reality and nudity. And so they succeed in making a negative impact on the society.Thus, we nurture a society devoid of morals, full of lust that lacks respect for women.

And there comes the education system, always available to be blamed and ridiculed. And so insensitive is the system of education in India that nothing but curriculum has changed over the years. Despite the surge in rape cases, molestation, harassment all over the country, nobody gave a damn to inculcate a value-based curriculum. I cannot put my finger on any chapter in my school textbook that asked me to respect women, or told me how disgraceful it is to interfere in someone else’s life or rape someone’s dignity.All my textbooks taught me, was stuff I barely use or apply in my daily life today. The schools and colleges fail to teach the kids what is right and wrong and how it is right or wrong. They skip to teach our young boys and girls that one’s life is as important as his or hers.

Why do we not teach our kids that it’s not okay to enter someone else’s zone of comfort without permission , that it’s wrong to snatch away the liberty to live from someone and that everyone on this planet deserves to live a life s(he) wants.

You really disapprove of what I am saying , Right? Oh Yes! The rapist was illiterate perhaps. Knock Knock ! Illiteracy just means that he does not know how to read or write or he might not be knowing that sodium chloride is actually common salt but does illiteracy certifies his immoral behaviour. Why blame his illiteracy and not your unawareness? You, the people, the citizens of a country who play the role of protagonist in this play called ‘The Modern Society’. It is you who is to be blamed to raise kids who rape, molests and disrespect women.It is you who march forward lighting candles but protest silently. It is you who let the double-faced monsters thrive and make the womenfolk vulnerable.It is you, your kids see and follow. You are the Education system of India.

And hence You are the vector of change! Bring the change in the way you raise your kids. Make them good human beings. Demand Castration and Capital Punishment for rapists. Demand a value based school system and skill based college system of education in India. Do not suppress a child’s creativity. Teach him to respect his body and make him understand nudity.

You know what I believe? ‘Women Empowerment is a sham. I am a woman , not a misogynist, and I demand respect and nothing else. We are your mothers, your sisters, your love of life , your best friends . Stop raping us !

Let us Live a life you are living… safe and in harmony with everyone.


सितंबर की सियाह शाम में

घने काले बादलों की

छत के नीचे वाला फ़्लोर

लाल है

प्यार के गुलाल का रंग लाल है

लाल रंग, उन्मादी दिल के जुनून का भी है

दिमाग़ी समझ से

परे है ये ख़ुशी

चंद क़दमों का सफ़र ही सही

ख़ुश हूँ , आप साथ हो

सुनिए, हमसफ़र नहीं , रास्ता चुनिए

और आज़ादी के पंख बुनिए

कोई नाम न दें इस लाल जहान को

आईए, उड़ें

और नापे उन्मुक्त आसमान को

– शिवानी

रात और रंग

आपके ख्यालों पर रात चढ़ रही

मेरे ख्यालों पर सपने

रात काली और राज़ भरी

सपने सुंदर से रंगीन

रंग जो चढे रात का ख्यालों पर

तो दिखे काला ही सब कुछ

और जो चढ़ें सपने ख्यालों पर

तो रंग भरें जीवन के खाली कैनवास में

जो रात करे कानों में फुसफुस

तो लगे कोलाहल सा जीवन में

जो सुनें रंगीन सपनों की भाषा

तो भर जाए संगीत जीवन में

तो फिर सुनो सच

सिर्फ सच

आत्मा का सच तो पूरा है

सपनों का सच अधूरा है

ख्वाहिश है दिल की

कि हों पूरे सपने

ख्वाहिश नहीं है दिल की

कि हो सपनों का सच पूरा

सपने जो पूरे हों

तो रखना कमी

सपनों के सच में

क्योंकि सपनों के सच के पूरा होने से

दौड़ोगे आप दो समानांतर रेखाओं के बीच

रेखाएं भूत और भविष्य की ।

– शिवानी

कविता हैं पापा

लाखों शब्दों और किरदारों से

बोझिल ये दुनिया

एक कहानी है

और कविता हैं पापा

ख्वाहिशों और जज़्बातों से भरी

चंद शब्दों में बयां

एक कविता हैं पापा

नदी, जो कलकल बहती हुई

नियमों के सागर में घुल जाती है

वही कविता हैं पापा

आशा के आँगन लीपती

तजुर्बे के सफ़ेद बालों से झाँकती

कविता हैं पापा

बेटे की मुस्कान में

और बेटी के स्वाभिमान में गूँजती

कविता हैं पापा

– शिवानी


उम्मीदों का हरा सिग्नल

पार किया ही था कि

चाँद के कटोरे से

बादल बह गए

भाग रही हूँ

मील के पत्थर गिनते

उधड़े जूते बुनते

भाग ही तो रही हूँ

आशाओं की डोर का छोर

थामा ही था कि

चाँद के कटोरे से

बादल बह गए

फँस गई है

प्यार की कटी पतंग

ख्वाबों के ऊँचे खम्बे पर

फँस ही तो गई है

जिम्मेदारियों के हवाई जहाज़ ने

उड़ान भरी ही थी कि

चाँद के कटोरे से

बादल बह गए

खो गया है

समुन्दर, सवालों का

आज़ाद है

पँछी, पिंजड़े से

और पा लिया है

साथ, ख़ुद का

छिप गया , वो चमकता चाँद


इस उन्मादी दिल को

आज़ाद कर

बादल यहीं रह गए ।

– शिवानी


He said, he won’t change.

He says, he hasn’t changed.

He will soon ask me, Why I am changing?

Have I changed?

I don’t know.

Right now, I can’t put my finger on it.

But then,

There’s this tinge of emotions

That seems to put a veil on me,

That makes me feel unwanted and unloved.

I expected this to happen.

But it happened too soon.

I saw it coming

When you welcomed me with those red roses,

That had hidden thorns.

– Shivani Singh