Demonetisation : As Seen Through My Eyes 

Returned to my room at 8:30 o’clock in the evening from bank. My phone rang. It’s Dad.He chuckled, “Why is your mom taking out all of her 10-15 purses and extracting from the deepest of pockets, currency notes of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 ? What is it they are playing on TV ? It was Nov. 8, 2016.Completely unaware of what is happening , I asked my Dad to give me sometime to catch up with the news. I switched on the TV. 

Surprise ! Surprise ! The News Reporter peeped through the 20% of area available on screen for him ( 80% being flashes, headlines, advertisements and tweets ) screamed at the top of his voice that – from Nov. 9th onwards ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 banknotes cease to be legal tender. 

My eyebrows raised as a banker imagining ‘ How this surprise move is going to change my job profile for next few months‘. My eyebrows raised as common man , scratching head , thinking ‘ How this thing is going to influence me, by the way , what the hell is this demonetisation?‘ And somewhere else, the unnerved corrupts raised their eyebrows to widen their eyes so as to absorb even a single hint of hope , of relief to keep the stacks and racks of hoarded currency hold some value. 

Nevertheless, What occupied my mind was a single flash on TV screen that read ‘ Banks to stay closed Tomorrow ‘ ( observed later that it added ‘for public’ in faded letters). Avoiding the floods in official whatsapp group , first thing I did , was calling my Branch Manager to ask if it’s holiday tomorrow? With a straight face he said, ” No financial transactions to be carried out tomorrow so you are expected to stay on field for Recovery “. I hushed ” Damn! Not even this surprise demonetisation move can bring change to my routine.” But deep inside , I was anticipating a change, not in my routine, but a change in the things going around at this moment. The wheels of change are set into motion.

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