Demonetisation : As Seen Through My Eyes

And in the days that followed, India saw it all : the bitter-mouthed opposition, the complaining citizen ( these are the ones over-reacting initially) and the innumerable jokes and trolls sprawling all over the social media with hashtag demonetisation and black money and oops the hashtag Roll-off

Believe me! The bankers who sweated through days and nights will not even give you a chance to re-think if you say ‘ Roll-off this demonetisation’ in front of them. They have worked their heads off , skipping lunch ( appreciate Khokrakalan ) , sleeping least just to keep everything in the right place.

Rome was not built in a day and this introduced change is just a drop in the ocean , enough said. Thinking of that chemistry lab experiment in which the single drop added from the Burette to the beaker made all the difference and concluded the calculation.

Change is the keyword here.  ” All Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and Gorgeous in the end”

And we have seen India go through worse , this being just a beginning, a challenge, a surprise attack to the very roots of corruption. We have all dreamt of a Better India then why are we cringing away from the roles we are allotted to play?

As a banker I have seen myself spraying volini and likewise on my back and the swollen sleep-deprived eyes of my colleagues. And as a common man I have seen my Mamaji stand in a bank queue for 5 hours just to get cash for my Mausiji’s funeral. And I have seen a soldier calmly waiting for his turn to ask for lower denomination banknotes for shifting his wife and 3 year old to Sikkim where he is posted. Bankers are not always rude. His wish was granted. 

If you are not having it today, you will have it tomorrow. Do you know, you were born without knee-caps? It gradually developed with age. It’s high time to Patiently Embrace The Change!


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