You are Lucky Indeed

“Hey ! What happened to you? Does it hurt a lot? You do not take care of your self properly! God ! Get well soon Shivani”. That is what every second person i meet asks me & tells me. Hello! I am Shivani, 24, single and recently employed. I fell down in my washroom. and hurt my elbow. I am injured. It’s not a fracture just muscle damage. Initially it hurt a lot, these days i am able to manage the pain. I thanked God that my teeth are safe. People display their ‘care’ towards me everyday but yesterday I felt after a long time how lucky I am.

 Telling you about my encounter with a co-passenger in taxi to hostel from workplace. It was 29th August,2015 ,Rakshabandhan. I, being away from bhai , was low. Boarded a taxi to reach hostel. In the taxi, all boys were having rakhis on their wrist, i felt that pang on seeing that sacred thread. Suddenly a kid hit me on my elbow, i groaned in pain. Forgave her. A baby girl of poor family, must have been 4 years of age or even lesser, wearing blue & yellow tattered frock. She had her back towards me. “Gudiya, didi is hurt, don’t disturb her”, her mother told her and put the girl on her lap. Now the girl was facing me and i felt shattered. 
This world is so beautiful. While travelling i don’t close my eyes even for a minute, i can’t afford missing a beautiful scene. My spectacles are now part of my body. I can’t even imagine a day when i can’t see the world.     
The little baby girl was blind. I couldn’t control myself and turned my face away from her. I had teary eyes. I was asking God ‘whys’ of such sin to a baby. I compared myself with her. The blurry world through my tears now started to seem partial. “You are lucky”, My heart said.

I felt someone touch my injured arm. I looked back the blind girl was holding my sling in her hand and she asked me -“Does it hurt a lot? “


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